About TFS

We’re passionate about international business: uncovering opportunities, streamlining complexity, solving problems, and developing actionable strategic plans based in reality, not fantasy.

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

There are nearly 300,000 U.S. companies doing business internationally. Yours is - or likely should be - one of them. Almost all have gone down the same path, made the same mistakes, learned the hard way. We’ve been there. Benefit from our experience.

International Trade Matters


Consumers live outside the US

$3.8 T

Exported from the US annually


Ratio of exports to GDP for OECD countries

Mathew Segal, Founder & Managing Director

Mat's approach to strategy blends the rigor of management consulting with deep international business development experience at the executive level. He founded TerraFirma Strategy to bridge the gap between these two worlds, helping companies address real-world challenges, pragmatically, to grow revenue and shareholder value. Mat has an extensive career in consulting, including his election as partner with OC&C Strategy Consultants, where some of his key clients included Visa International, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and several leading private equity firms. He subsequently lived the story of international expansion firsthand, driving global opportunities for private equity-held businesses while based in Asia. Mat received an MBA with Honors from the Anderson School at UCLA and a BA in Political Science from Northwestern University. Feel free to contact Mat directly to learn more about his experience.

Two Degrees of Separation

The world is a big place. Finding the right functional expertise in the right place is critical to developing and implementing good international business strategy. Curating our deep network of both top-shelf management consultants and regional/sector expertise to suit each business's unique needs gives our clients a truly custom, highly targeted experience very different (and more effective in our opinion!) than the traditional approach to management consulting.