Due Diligence

Attractive market opportunities are just an aspiration if a company can’t execute. Capabilities are key. We go deep on whether a target is positioned to actually capitalize on commercial opportunities in the field.

Our approach to diligence boils down to addressing 4 key factors:

Market Dynamics

The objective here is to find a narrow set of potentially attractive overseas markets based on traditional factors - size, growth, trends, etc. Naturally a very important factor, but just the first step in thorough diligence (and often weighted too heavily in our opinion). 

Competitive Positioning 

Competitive dynamics and customer requirements vary significantly from market to market. Positioning at home doesn't necessary translate overseas. The trick here is finding the best fit within the context of the opportunties identified / assessed above. 


Risk can take many forms - from general political risk to the lost opportuntiy of chasing waterfallls. Often overlooked in the commercial due diligence effort, risk provides a counterweight to how to think about the relative upside of international expansion. 


This is where the rubber meets the road. Here we use proprietary assessment tools to go deep on what is required to implement at a granular functional / process level, whether the target is in a position to do so, and if not, what it will take to get there. This is our niche. 

The Diagnostic

→ Detailed assessment of a target's commercial opportunities abroad
→ Analysis of target's readiness to execute with gap analysis at the functional / process level
→ Overall view on risk adjusted "return on effort," ultimately determining whether the potential upside is worth the time, risk, and hard dollar investment needed to pursue
→ Blueprint for strategic international growth plans going forward

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