Strategy is only as effective as a company's ability to implement. We blend in-market experience, creative analytics and institutional knowledge to craft something actionable, pragmatic, and realistic.

Our approach boils down to addressing 5 key questions:


Seems basic but 'why?' is a fundamental question that must be answered to provide critical context for strategic thinking and direction going forward. Different goals (e.g., revenue growth vs. margin improvement) often necessitate very different approaches to international markets. 


The cliche 'timing is everything' is no more true than when expanding overseas. Defining a realistic view of what can be achieved in the context of other strategic initiatives is the backbone for realistic and manageable strategic planning. 


Assuming success at home will translate overseas is a mistake even the biggest companies make in expanding into international markets. Balancing local product and service requirements with economies of scope is the key to efficient and profitable growth. 


Focus is critical and international markets vary dramatically from country and region. Balancing the top line market opportunity with complexity, cost and risk is the trick here. 


Last but not least - and the most critical question in our opinion - is 'how?' Without having a clear road map to get from point A to point B, the best strategy will likely end up being just an interesting (and expensive!) academic exercise. 

The Strategy

→ Clearly-defined objectives and metrics with buy-in among key stakeholders
→ Detailed roadmap with realistic pro-formas, milestones, and expected returns
→ Focused set of target markets balancing upside with business and financial risk
→ Clearly defined offering tailored to meet customer requirements in and across target markets
→ Playbook to quickly and efficiently transform strategic thinking to tangible and sustainable results

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