TerraFirma takes a practical, but systematic approach to business planning. The result is something actionable, realistic, and impactful.

The 5 key questions of TFS Planning:

What capabilities do we need to win?

There are hundreds of business processes that impact success in international markets. Working with client teams, we use our proprietary tool - the TFS TerraMeter - to determine which are most relevant to your particular business (the 'Recipe for Success').

Where do we stand today? 

Focusing in on the Recipe for Success, the next step is making an honest assessment of how your current capabilities match up against best practice - the gaps between where you are at the functional level and where you need to be to ensure success abroad. 

Where should we focus our efforts?

Once a discreet set of gaps has been identified, the next critical step is prioritizing internal efforts to fill these gaps based on risk, impact, and return on effort. Focusing on the wrong issues is simply a waste of time, energy, money and can introduce unecessary risk to the business.

How are we going to address gaps?

With a prioritized set of key functional drivers needed to support business objectives, we work with internal teams to develop an actionable and systematic gameplan for implementation going forward. Our global network of service providers and functional experts is invaluable here. 

Have we met our objectives?

This is where the rubber meets the road. Whether driven internally or with the help of TFS, an ongoing process of internal updates, communication, and course correction is essential to ensure that the team is continually navigating toward the key business objectives defined in the broader corporate strategy. 

The Gameplan

Clearly defined playbook for realizing strategic international business objectives based on:
→ Thorough assessment of key business requirements and capabilities needed for success abroad
→ Short list of gaps between requirements and current capabilities
→ Pragmatic plans to address gaps leveraging internal resources and extended TFS global network as needed
→ Ongoing process for accountability, progress tracking, course correction, and return on effort

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